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WOZERD 08-25-2017 03:07 PM

Is this blasphemy???

icantdrive55 08-25-2017 10:05 PM

Re: Is this blasphemy???
Absolutely! For gawds sake....what's up with the Vette? Thought you were a Mustang guy.

WOZERD 08-27-2017 05:45 PM

Re: Is this blasphemy???
A Lady friend Neighbor who owned a Gold Wing Tryke in the past-- wanted another one.
We're talking a woman that would rather watch MotoGP than Dancing with the Stars.
She still has her little camper trailer that opens up big enough to hold a Bernie Sanders rally.
She has ridden that thing all over the country.
And now, she wants to do it all again.
So-- rather than a GoldWing tryke-- or any vehicle that expects a skinny little 130mm wide (with a contact patch less than half that) front tire to change the direction of two 205/70R15 tires pushing 1200 lbs,
I suggested a Spyder.
While helping her look-- I became rather enamored with them myself.
I even test drove one>
If you've ever ridden a snowmobile-- at speed-- it's very similar.
Lots of side to side input through the bars. A motorcycle it's not-- not even close.
When you think of it-- really, it's illogical. Downright absurd.
For a similar price, you can get a really nice used sports car-- like a Porsche Boxster.
With AC, Heat and a top to put up when it rains.
And, the one the picture is what she wants-- Pearl white.
She said she'd take me for a ride.
But will be wearing a T shirt that says on the back--
If you can read this-- the old F*cker fell off.

WOZERD 08-27-2017 05:51 PM

Re: Is this blasphemy???
Or-- maybe this one.

WOZERD 09-26-2017 11:18 PM

Re: Is this blasphemy???

Originally Posted by WOZERD (Post 171606)

Picking this up next Thursday in Holly Mi.

WOZERD 10-11-2017 12:17 AM

Re: Is this blasphemy???
It's home, in her garage.
Didn't get to go til yesterday (Monday).
256 miles up, 256 miles back.
Long day.
I rode it back.
The thing is weird!
Starting it is like dancing the Hoky Poky.
6 steps!
Let's just say-- if you were being chased by zombies-- that wouldn't be the escape vehicle to pick.
But I love that cruise control!
Set it for 80 kicked back and let her rip.

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