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WOZERD 10-28-2014 02:24 PM

Crossed up-- sideways
Came across the website -- I enjoyed the pictures-- thought I'd share it.
I've done this a few times (crossed up, sideways-- on the pegs). I flat tracked for a bit-- but it was a 350 SL Honda and a DT 250 Yamaha. Barely enough power on a flat track to keep the back tire spinning so you can throttle steer. And if it stops spinning and bites-- you re-create Disney's Goofy Holler:
As you sail off into the sunset.
My Norton P-11A had the power-and the set up. I never missed a chance to do it when I found a nice hard surface covered with just enough loose stuff. But my favorite "Crossed up, sideways Feet on the pegs moment was on the beach at Daytona Beach, 1974. I borrowed a friends Penton. Just to see how it felt. Rolled down the beach about 50 yards, gave it a little gas, started to turn left, felt the back step out, gave it a little more gas, counter steered the front wheel, gave it more gas until I found that moment. That perfect balance between forward and sideways motion (kinda like you wheelie freaks feel when you hit that "sweet spot" and can keep the front end up-- forever).
There I was, cutting huge arcs in the sand-- roostin'! I had a grin on my face like a stoner after a huge blunt of Panama Red.
Coulda done it forever-- but, like all good things...
A Daytona rent a cop (deputized yay-hoo, for bike week) decides "oh hell no!". He grabs me by my right shoulder with a death grip. Trouble is, I also have a good grip on the bars-- and, I'm doing about 15-20MPH sideways. I snatch him off his feet like an express train hooks a mail bag off a train platform. I find myself at the moment of inertia about the center of mass as the pendulum effect of his body is offset by the Penton's front wheel lifting into the air and rotating to follow the rent a cops trajectory.
He lost his grip and went sailing off towards the atlantic surf-- Goofy's "Holler" echoing off the pier. I went down. But-- was able to get back up, fire the Penton up and rip down the beach, making my escape.
I returned the Penton to my (NO LONGER) "good racing buddy", hopped on my (73 TX500 Yamaha??) and beat feet.
OH-- yeah-- here's those pictures:

kyzrex 10-28-2014 03:19 PM

Re: Crossed up-- sideways
Nice story! Great pictures! Thanks for posting.

Dave Bannister 10-28-2014 03:38 PM

Re: Crossed up-- sideways
[a5] Crossed up and Slideways :thumbsup

WOZERD 10-29-2014 11:23 PM

Re: Crossed up-- sideways

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