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Felby 06-15-2017 07:41 PM

Columbus BMW Dealers
I'm in the market for a new XR or GS and saw that there are a couple dealers in Columbus, Motohio and Hilliard, has anyone had experience buying from either one? I've talked with the guys in Louisville, but looks like they don't have any 2016s left in stock. Also curious to hear if anyone has had experience with R Falcone in Indy.

If anyone has any thoughts on the XR vs the GS I'd love to hear that as well. Prices on the leftover 2016s seem pretty decent, so I'm looking at those right now to be a little more budget friendly.

Project84 06-16-2017 07:57 AM

Re: Columbus BMW Dealers
I have nothing to offer on the dealer side of things, but when it comes to the XR vs GS debate, I'd say decide your riding intentions.

I was/am in the market of big sport touring bikes, emphasis on sport. Hence my Tiger 1050. However, I lust after the 2010+ Multistrada and then the S1000XR came out and it completely dethroned the Multistrada in all technical aspects.

If you're honest about your intentions of riding terrain and it's 99% asphalt, I wouldn't even look at the GS. The only reason I'd give it consideration is if my riding plans were almost exclusively 2up and/or lots of multi-week touring, and only then because of the wide range of huge luggage options that come with that beast and the relative ease of maintenance (shaft drive, easy access valves, BMW suspension).

I chased a 2012-ish GS on Beartooth Pass last summer in the hands of a talented rider and I was pleasantly surprised how capable that bike seemed to be, but still, it looked like I was following an AstroVan on 2 wheels. The rider was on a 3 week trip and from Idaho where a bike like that makes perfect sense.

If your not doing multi-week trips or lots of 2up, only get off on the occasional gravel or dirt road, stick with the 17's on the S1000XR and that incredible powerplant. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed!

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