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I came a very long way

My name is Vera, 38 years, born and raised in Germany. Lived in Australia from 1997 - 2000, then moved to Cincinnati/Ohio.

My love for motorcycles started early as my entire family has a license (even my grandparents rode!). So my parents made me go for my license at the age of 18. Unfortunately, I never rode, mainly because I was too sick (endo) and getting worse over the years.
But then, 2 years ago, my life changed after my last surgery. Trust me, I had to learn how to live a normal life. AND I LOVE LIVING!!! After I discovered that I am finally able to do all the things normal people do, I thought, ok, now I finally want to ride. I signed up for the MSF in July 2002, passed the test, got my endorsement and then ......... after 20 years of waiting, I bought my first bike in August 2002. It's a 600 Yamaha Seca, 1996 model, and the best looking bike in town. It's used, but it's mine.
Some people say I am too slow and should take more risk while riding, but - to be very Australian right now - I don't give a ratsarse! I know I don't have the experience and need to practice and mostly - need to get more confidence. I will get there. Slowly, but I will .............. I've come a very long way and I don't let anyone telling me how fast I should ride, how far I should lean and I won't let anyone forcing me going faster than I want to.
Trust me, you don't want me riding the same way I am driving my little car. I am known as "leadfoot", "petrolhead", "tailgater", and other nice descriptions.
On my bike, I don't have these "ambitions".

I am glad that I found this group. Most people are VERY nice and very helpful. Thanks!!!

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