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Re: Weasel down hard @ Barber

Originally Posted by weasel View Post
thnx all... got in around 9:45 last night after stopping for some REAL food!!!


yep, turn 5 seems to have it in for SV's...
still don't know what happened...other than the obvious highside!!
only a little spot-o-rash on the top of my right pinkie[dragging the hand under me??]
HJC FS15Carbon basicly gave it's life,kinda flat on the WHOLE right side... hangnails don't even compare to you dood...

and yeah, 10 broken ribs makes it tough when laughing tho'...

i even impressed the Docs there as i broke the scapula on BOTH SIDES as it's supposedly one of the hardest bones to break!!

Welcome BACK!!!
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