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Originally Posted by Hyflyer View Post
I've had zero problems with the Sasquatch rebuild shock. If you find one out there, I would recommend it.

My personal opinion is --> suspension is the place to spend some money. A nice rear shock is the most expensive but you can spring the forks for your weight and add some gold valves or intiminators along with a fork brace for probably under $300.00. It is so much more enjoyable to pilot a bike with nice suspension that is properly set up. Tracking on line through the bumps equals safety for you and added problem solving abilities (If you need me to talk to your wife/gf/kids/mother/etc I can talk them into buying your new shock for you because they do want you to be as safe as possible don't they?)

Another easy performance upgrade for the strom is to swap in some HH brake pads. It makes a worthwhile difference in stopping power.

A weestrom is a very capable do everything machine (as I'm sure you have found as well). I hope I can get out on my momo-sickles more this year!

Thank you Scott! I agree about the suspension upgrades. I am installing the racetech 0.95 springs this weekend (if things go well) without the emulators or the new cogent DDC drop in cartridges.

I would like to evaluate the stiffer springs for a while , and then later on install the DDC if needed.

My stock rear is pretty harsh...The bike has 47K miles on the stock rear, so I'm sure it's not bad to think about replacing it....

Question is, can I use these BMW shocks?

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