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Originally Posted by Dave Bannister View Post
Yes no doubt your shock is clapped out as many have said stock shocks on lower end bikes aren't high in quality and the dampening just quits working well and you end up with riding a pogo stick.. If you can improve on the cheap then great but I'm also one who thinks if this is a bike you are going to keep and ride for a while then buy a good shock ( ohlins, elka etc) and be done with it you'll be so happy you did. Throw straight rate springs in the forks and change the oil for $100 and you have a totally different bike!

I put an ohlins on my wee like 60K+ ago ( before it had 12-15K on it) and it probably needs to be serviced ( on my list) but it still performs perfect and is a pleasure to ride the twisties and beat up goat path roads!
Thank you Dave, good advice indeed. I really like the wee for its malleable nature - I'd love to fit this to me.

I've ordered the fork springs and am currently furiously reading through all the stromtrooper threads on fork removal & spring swapping. Both new oil and the springs should be here by the weekend, so I'll get my hands dirty

Regarding the rear shocks, I've heard great things from racetech & cogent, since they also have the forks to match with. It's definitely on my list. I think the BMW swap is perhaps a little too ambitious... Fun to think about it though.

Do you have Ohlins shocks on yours?
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