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Originally Posted by icantdrive55 View Post
I swapped out the worn OEM rear shock on my '09 Wee for a lightly used DL1K shock I purchased on the StromTrooper forum for $100. Slightly longer shock body (+5/8") to raise the rear a bit and a heavier spring (for my fat ass). Much better ride than OEM, at least for solo riding. Direct bolt-in with zero hassle. If I keep the Wee long enough to shag the rear a second time, I'll think about throwing some money at a high dollar replacement.
Is this Bill from the FB group, who directed me to Bryn about that top box? Bryn mentioned your profile on this forum, and he's the one who suggested I join the localriders group !

Ok, so I've a question - how'd you know if the shock on the wee is worn? Is there a way to test it (subjectively? Objectively? )

Thanks again for the DL1000 shock tip.

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