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Re: Sasquatch shock rebuild for Wee--Info, pls?

Vishnu: Yup, that's me. As for how to test whether your shock is done for, it's probably pretty subjective. It certainly is gonna be dependent on rider weight, style of riding, with/without loading (passenger or bags), and to a lesser extent, the kind of roads you'll be traveling. I think DB's description of a pogo-stick ride is the best description of a tired/worn shock. It really isn't the spring that gets weak as much as the inner piston, seals and valving, along with the hydraulic fluid.

If you're a relatively non-aggressive rider who sticks primarily to the main roads and Xways--smooth with gentle grade transitions--then a worn shock isn't going to be too much of a negative. If you plan on aggressively riding some of the backroads in KY/TN/WV/NC/GA, especially loaded with luggage, then you'll need better damping to control the rear tire on the road surface. If your rear shock is the original, I'd bet it's pretty tired after 47K miles. Again, it very much depends on your riding style: speed, cornering aggression, roads travelled.
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