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Re: Sasquatch shock rebuild for Wee--Info, pls?

Originally Posted by paleobiker View Post
........... I am installing the racetech 0.95 springs this weekend (if things go well) without the emulators or the new cogent DDC drop in cartridges.

I would like to evaluate the stiffer springs for a while , and then later on install the DDC if needed.

My stock rear is pretty harsh...The bike has 47K miles on the stock rear, so I'm sure it's not bad to think about replacing it....


So, basically, the vstrom forks dampen the spring by metering specific viscosity hydraulic fluid through specific sized holes to control compression and rebound. If you change your spring rate to .95kg/mm (from the stock .700 - .800ish kg/mm progressive [ I think] ) your gonna need to change the viscosity of the fork oil to slow the rebound a bit on that heavier spring. (I think I mixed 15w & 20w oil for the proper feel.) If you were to change the springs and nothing else you would experience a harsh ride.

Ok, so I've a question - how'd you know if the shock on the wee is worn? Is there a way to test it (subjectively? Objectively? )
The rear shock deteriorates slowly so it's difficult to feel over the miles and years that it's getting weak (But you really feel the difference when you get a nice fresh shock in there!) Another thing that will make you realize the weakness in the rear shock is to update the forks. That puts a spotlight on shortcomings in the rear shock.

If you just put-put around easy on fairly smooth roads one up on the bike you would never feel the shortcomings of weakening suspension (matter of fact, weakened suspension probably feels cushy and nice under those circumstances). As your riding skill increases and you start pushing the machine closer and harder to the edge of the envelope of traction on more challenging roads the things you begin to notice is the bike is hard(er) to keep on line through corners and can have a "wallowing" feeling about it when there are bumps in the curves. Braking and accelerating you'll feel "shudders and chudders" from weak suspension.

In contrast, with suspension set to your weight and riding style, it's just the opposite feeling to those above. The bike is confidence inspiring and feels "planted" through the corners and easily stays on your desired line (which is cool because now you don't have to use your brain power making all of these little adjustments and you can concentrate on other things).

Of course, the best and fastest way to see the difference is go riding for a day with someone (like me) that has a vstrom that is setup the way your thinking and feel the difference. (my strom needs some wheel bearing and valve stems and my schedule is slammed, but if I ever get myself together, I would be willing to go riding with you and swap machines)

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