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Another newbie question - some suspension threads on stromtrooper/vsri simply mention that these fork cartridge emulators are drop in/ simple and easy.

I'm looking at cogent DDC vs racetech emulators.

Are they both simple drop into the fork-beneath the spring-type of easy install? Is there any drilling involved?

The ddc is about $180 while I can find the racetech emulators for $129 shipped.

The link from 3rd party website

Some other threads on the forum call for drilling into the "valves " - are the gold valves for the shocks, and gold emulators for the fork specifically? Am I confusing different products from racetech ?

If I buy the emulator, do I still need to buy the fork emulator adapter separately? They mention this on the racetech website

Screenshot From racetech website :-

Sorry for all the suspension newbie questions

I'm just trying to see which of the two options would be easier for me to install. Thanks again for all the advice!

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