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Exclamation Help Needed!! Ama Red Bull Rookies Cup

As fate or luck would have it. My son was accepted with a small number of other applicants (less than 100 out of 400+ applicants) to tryout for the AMA Red Bull Rookies Cup. I have to have him at Barber Motorsports Park the weekend of Oct. 4. We have everything we need except a ONE PEICE leather suit. I have access to several two peice here in the garage. I have gloves, snell helmets, boots, suits, but no one piece. They specifiy a one peice. Financially I am in no position to buy a suit for him a this time. Maybe if it were a week or two later I could handle it. So I am trying to find a loaner. We would need to borrow/rent/deposit on the suit for the weekend only. We would assume all responsibilty for the gear.

Chris is 5"11" 215 lbs.
Disclamer also reads gear had to be in good condition. So I imagine they can't be rashed too awful bad.

The cut off age is 16. He is 16 now. He will never have this opportunity again.
This is a blessing as I cannot totally afford to give him an opportunity like this. If he does well he will be given a ride in next seasons championship.

I have the utmost faith in him.

If someone could find it in their heart to help us we will be forever grateful.

Big Chris

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