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Re: uh oh dangerous motorcycle gang in cincy

Originally Posted by sgtfreyday View Post
With that being said, I did read an interesting book by Sonny Barger (of the Hell's Angel's fame), Ridin' High, Livin' Free. Compilation of submissions concerning gang life. Actually quite interesting finding out about the history of choppers (get it from your local library...). A harsh way to go about life. Not my idea of fun but may round out your corners...
I will have to check that out. Also worth a read is H. S. Thompson's "Hells Angeles; A strange and terrible saga" published in 1967.

On a family vacation out west in 1973 we saw some gangs on the road from the safety of mom and pop's Impala wagon. I think my brother and I just pushed our lips against the glass and made funny faces at them. Seemed like real nice young men.
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