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2006 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000 - SOLD

2006 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000

31,xxx Miles | Never Dropped | Clean Title | SOLD

Bought in May from a retired gentleman who was the second owner, because I was dead-set on riding across the country. Turns out he had done nearly the same trip the year before, so Connie has seen a close to 12,000 miles of America since 2015! Bike is clean for the mileage and has been well taken care of. I didnít need to do all of the work I put into it before the August trip, but Iíd never done a ride of that magnitudeófigured a few solid weekends of wrenching was better than weeping alongside a broken motorcycle in the badlands of South Dakota. It paid off, and 5200 miles later itís one of the best things I have ever done. This bike will eat as many miles as you can throw at it, and now that itís got a refreshed suspension, will hustle in the corners.

Why am I selling? Well, I bought it for the trip, and although the lady loves to ride two up on it, thatís not enough of a reason to keep it around. Plus, for the type of riding I do most days, the DR650 supermoto is my first pick!



Underseat tool kit
Factory luggage
Clymerís Manual
2 Keys + luggage keys


1.1 kg/mm Sonic Straight Weight Springs w/15wt oil
Rifle Windscreen System(also have stock)
MurphsKits Reed Valve block off plates
MurphsKits Highway Pegs (ABSOLUTE BUTT SAVER.)
MurphsKits Manual Petcock (hydrolock is rare but Iím not taking any chances)
Lockable Top Box
LED Fog lights
LED H4 Headlight
Battery Meter
1.5Ē Bar Risers
RAM Mount for large phones
Battery Tender
Additional lights mounted to indicate turn signals(I thought this was stupid initially but turns out it helps quite a bit)
Additional red scanning light under taillight for visibility
Helmet locks relocated


July 2016
New Tires before trip (Pirelli Sport Demon), but with the soft compound and 5300 miles of slab under a heavy bike Iíd replace them next season.
Front wheel bearings
Final drive oil & spline lube
Valve adjustment at 26k(when I got it) with new stator gasket & valve cover gasketóbetter safe than sorry, right?
15wt Maxima fork oil/Straight weight springs
Rear shock oil and regreased zerks
NGK plugs
EBC HH front and rear sintered pads front and rear
Air Filter
New Battery (just before I purchased it)


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