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Re: Bubble Wheel Balancer for cage tires... worth it?

As stated above, it measures rotational balance as well as radial runout on both the tire and the rim. Goal is to 'balance' both the centripetal forces as well as the forces related to radial runout. The reason it's a PITA for tire shops is that if the tire has significant radial runout--with or without centripetal imbalance--it requires deflation and breaking the bead and rotating the tire so that the low point (radially) on the rim is matched to the high point (radially) on the tire. Goal is to get down to less than 10# of imbalance due to centripetal+radial forces. More of an issue with the modern, low profile, stiff sidewall performance tires than the run-of-the-mill minivan 70-series all-season radials….
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