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Re: You Go, Girl!!!

I'm sure she got that ride on her TALENT, couldn't be because she's a cute chick.
I get them mixed up, there are two chickees doing the speed thing, one "owns" a bike shop in Dallas I think and the other just started riding a few years ago. Both are blondes with fake boobs and look similar.
Seriously how much skill is involved in that kind of racing, lots of $ and technology for sure but skill? In general I think they picked girls because they don't weigh much and look good to get sponcers. Have you EVER seen a fat ugly chick in motorsports? Danica Patrick, what a joke. It's like a free 100 pound weight break and she still can't win a real race. Shirley Muhldowny (sp)? If you call drag racing a motorsport, it's more of a motor hobby, for gosh sakes some of those old dudes are close to 80 years old, Chris Karamasinees (sp) is close to 100, how hard can it be?
Sarcasm or truth?
A few bikes.
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