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Originally posted by pguest
I get Rider, Cycle World, and Motorcyclist for $5.95 per year through www.discountmagazines.com.
Your first order through them has to be something like $25, but then after that you can order anything in any amount, even if you want only one issue of any $5.95 magazine on their list.
At that price all 3 magazines are pretty cheap.

I checked it out. No more minimum order value!

Thanks, Pam.
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Originally posted by vera
I checked it out. No more minimum order value!
Good deal!
It will take a few months for your subscription(s) to begin.

BTW, Sport Rider seems to be redundant if you get Cycle World and/or Motorcyclist. I used to subscribe to it for a year or 2 but did not renew.

Also, Rider seems to have more stories about rides & routes. Something you will find in American Motorcyclist but rarely in Motorcyclist/Cycle World/Sport Rider. Rider seems to have fewer pages in every that the others, but maybe the extra pages in the other mags are advertisements!

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I get Rider and Cycle World - Rider being my fave. Being one serious touring motonut, as my below signature indicates, rider knocks me out with all the touring articles, favorite rides and other touring related stuff. It does mix it up with the latest and greatest bikes, bike tests, specialty bikes, some racing and the classics. Cycle World of course adds their great winter motorcycle shows which is a super way to connect with it's readers and helps me get thru the cold months off the bike. The mag has a bit of emphasis on rockets and racing and has general all-around appeal. Like 'em both alot and couldn't make it off the moto without 'em.
Rich Sweeney
Maumee (Toledo), Ohio
'83 GoldWing GL1100 Interstate
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