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Stunt Riding If you push the limit, this is the place to share all that stuff that many can't understand...

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Dave Bannister
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Wheelie's Stoppies etc... Extreme Riding

I am only a very mild rider when it comes to stunts on the street..

No I can't ride wheelies down the highway or when I do a stoppie its just a baby one ie; no turning the bike and landing the other direction etc...

I do like to watch though and I am in no way promoting these acts in heavy traffic a smart thing to do or do I really want anyone to pull this stuff off in a big group of riders or cages because we (motorcycle lovers) don't need anymore bad press!!

I sure some have been able to find empty parking lots to play around but I would have to guess it's not easy to find places..
(all the skateboards have that same kind of trouble)

Now that I said all that I do know some of the riders doing the stunts have allot of talent and don't get the respect from most of the public and many riders as well...

So please could anyone describe the different terms in the stunt world and hopefully we all can learn more about what drives this sector or motorcycling..

No doubt the bikes are so far advanced compared to what it was like when I first hit the street back in 1980 and we didn't have superlight powerful bikes... Some of it is just because we can

just asking?
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