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Hillbilly Helmet Cam & Evel Wannabe

Attempt No.1 - Helmet Mounted (Kid No.3)

I was proud of my work and had high hopes, but this didn't work out. Using an "Expendable" 8mp Polaroid. I could not consistently position the camera for a good view and it made me nauseous to watch the play back. Hehe...

Attempt No.2
- Motorcycle Mounted (Kid No.2)

Again, I was confident that this would work out, but it didn't. Even with the camera rubber-mounted, there are simply too many vibes. The expendable Polaroid continually shut down before it could save any video. Switching to a much nicer Nikon worked, but the video was too shaky. Perhaps being rubber-mounted was my problem, but I feel without it, I'd destroy the camera.

I was wanting to use my "Expendable" camera, because the boy crashes. ...a lot. He's extremely aggressive. Far more than either of my daughters. I caught him jumping a concrete storm sewer drainage ravine this evening, and then later watched him catch air over an elevation "Ripple" in the back part of my property (or the "Ramp" as he as his JR50 buddy next door likes to call it). He wrecked hard earlier in the evening and put a big dent in the tank. He stood there watching me beat everything back into shape and felt that I was taking too long. Later in the evening, he was racing his 11yr/old sister, carried too much speed into a turn and went wide. He hit a log and went over the handlebars. His helmet and visor took a fairly big hit, but somehow still got a big scratch on his forehead. He shook it off and was back at it as soon as we got it going again.

He's a really good rider, but (IMHO) goes way too fast when he shouldn't be and takes too many chances. He has no fear, and I'm thinking this is a bad thing. WOT in 2nd gear, I'm guessing he's going close to 30mph. He doesn't know how to get into 3rd yet, and doesn't know that 4th gear even exists (it'll do 40mph+ in 4th, with ME on it). I dread the day. Momma can't even stand to watch him as it is. I need to slow him down, but how? If I drop it down into 1st gear, he's gonna blow it up. Heck, that still might happen in 2nd. If I restrict the throttle somehow (which I'm not even sure how), he's not gonna have the power (in 2nd) to pull the big hills. He's also exceeding the limits of the bike. This bike just does not have the suspension for the stuff he is doing.

I've talked with him (again and again) about slowing down in the technical stuff and more dangerous areas, but the boy just likes to go fast. I don't mind him going fast in the open areas and straights, but not near the trees and other immovable objects!! I know he's listening to me, but he's stubborn. I think I've got trouble.

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