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Baseline jetting for carb swap

Finally found a Mikuni TM28 slide carb with accelerator pump for a good price to try on the XF200. Has a DR200 clone engine. Currently it is running a Mikuni BS28, CV type carb. Factory jetting I believe was 25main and 122.5pilot. Since then I added a DG muffler and swapped the cam for one from an LT230 quad.. jetting has gone up to 30pilot and 125main. I'm wondering what a good baseline would be for the TM28. Currently I've got 25 and 37.5 Pilots and 115, 125, and 127.5 mains to play with. Would a combo of these likely get me in the ballpark? I'm told the carb was off a drz250, so it has 37.5/127.5 in it already. I figure better aspiration means more fuel is needed, but I don't know the subtle differences each carb design may have compared to each other.

Reading up on the DR200.. they run 31mm CV carbs but a few years in the 80s ran the TM28. The 115 was received as the factory pilot for that combo. I'm unsure of what the factory main was.

Not exactly a pressing question as I doubt I'll have time to perform the swap before winter settles in.
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