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Dave Bannister
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Where is the extreme riding heading.

Do you think its going to become a sport or sanctioned competition which it can be done in a controlled enviroment like club and pro racing to help the interested riders get better and this way safety gear etc would be mandatory?

Hey I am not putting down the stunts at all and I also will add there is allot of fast riding going on the back roads too that belongs on the track... And other sectors of motorcycling prolly visits the local pubs way too much.... Ok I may of forgot someone but really no ones perfect just different strokes for different strokes...

The largest sector of motorcycling is a little of all the above but it is done in moderation but anyone who rides hangs it out there a little bit

I heard of a few extreme events but just wondering about more details? anyone can fill us in....
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I think it will eventually go that way. I know in Florida they are already having competions with judges and prize winnings. I'm not sure if it will be come Sanctioned, but you never know.

Check out this link

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i love watchin people do stunt junk like that.... soooo cooool

especially when they do it in an appropriate place, such as NOT in the street....

i'd a gone to watch that....

i do think it will become more of a competitive sport as time goes on....
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They have competitions all over the United States. The best place to look up whats going on with stuntin in on Stuntlife.Com. I see this sport getting bigger and better (X-Games hopefully) in the future...
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Re: Where is the extreme riding heading.

So far there are no AMA sanctioned events for Stunt Riding. There are numerous competitions around the country though. But there is no national point rankings. Each competitions consists of certain events i.e. : Longest stoppie, longest coaster, Team Freestyle, Individual Freestyle, Freestyle burnout and so on. When you go to these comps it is set up alot like a MX race. You register before 9:00am for whatever events you want to do. You get a number(order you ride in) and then you do your stunts on front of the crowd and a panel of judges and they score your runs by The number of tricks you do, how well you execute them, trick difficulty, and showmanship. The sport has taken a huge step in the past couple of years, and I think within the next couple of years you will see Stunt Riding at the X games and the Gravity Games. As long as stunt riders keep a professional attitude and get there **** off the street and in the closed course

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